September 8th

Lunaza, the second summer festival on our calendar, is titled in the namesake of the moon cycle. We all get together this time of the year to give thanks to the mother earth and to prepare for the harvest which is to come in the following months. The moon is exceptionally large and bright around this time of the year, making for a glowing, radiant experience.

We celebrate with dance, music and food. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are in a state of plenty through the grounds. After a night of dancing a few hours of rest, patrons often enjoy a plate of fresh berry pancakes beside a fire and the morning dew.

Neon Satori is committed to making all of our events a safe and fun place for everyone. Intolerance is strictly forbidden. Respectable attitudes only. We want you to experience absolute freedom, but that does not include the freedom to disrespect others.

Respect the environment. Recycling units will be on site. Pack out what you pack in. We strictly adhere to a “leave no trace” policy. If we want to continue enjoying this event for years to come, we need to make an effort to uphold our reputation as friendly, sustainable and considerate. Please do not leave without cleaning your campsite.

Never be afraid or uncomfortable to ask for help. Neon Satori is a community, a community where people look out for one another. The people around you are not strangers, but friends you just haven’t gotten to know yet.

Personal responsibility is a core value. Set your own boundaries. There are first aid services on site, but we expect and require that every guest acts responsibly with their health and safety in mind.

Drink water, eat food, and sleep! The music doesn’t stop, but you should. It may be tempting to forgo the natural necessities of life in favor of the pursuit of the party, but this will inevitably lead to burning out or becoming sick. Take care of yourself, recharge, reinvigorate.

Our purpose is the celebration of life through music, dance, art, and community. Express yourself, reach out.


By attending the event you agree to take sole responsibility of your safety and do not hold Neon Satori or anyone involved liable.