Art and Activities

We are looking for an array of artistic talent, including: painters, sculptors, drawers, dancers, hoola-hoop and LED work, fire work, jugglers, gymnastics, body art and painting, henna, costume and theatrics, clowns and magicians, etc… the art world is expansive and limitless and we are interested in all its glory.

If you are keen on performing your magic, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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Confirmed Local Talent


FIREBIrd face and Body Art


Amazing face and body painter!  Has been doing some great work around the avalon and is eager to help you transform into whatever your heart desires!

The Spinsters

The Slideshow Spinsters are a local troupe of misfit fire flingers and circus oddballs. They spin, throw, and juggle fire and glow orbs. After the sun sets they light up the night in a display of blazing bedazzlement. Check them out at