When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets are on sale now.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase early bird tickets online or tickets at the gate. The price of admission on the second day of the event will be the same as the first day.

Is camping for free?

Camping is included in ticket price.

What time does the festival open?

The festival grounds open up at noon on Friday, June 23th, and music starts at 6pm.

What time does the campsite close?

The gate and campsite will shut down at 2am each night and reopen noon the next day.

Can I bring alcohol to this festival? 

Yes, but only in plastic or aluminum containers. There is an absolutely no glass policy and any glass bottles will be confiscated. Must be of legal drinking age.

Once I enter the festival, can I leave and return? 

Travel in an out of the festival is free and open, but keep your wristband on to show that you paid for admission.

How do I get there? 

Check the location tab under the event.

Can I Bring my dog? 

Sorry, no animals allowed.

How far is parking to the camp site? 

There is limited parking within the camping grounds and there is unlimited parking on the gravel road just outside the festival grounds. It is a short walk.

Can I bring a camp van? 

Yes. There is limited space for camping vans. Make sure to come early to get a spot.

What size tent should i bring? 

Camping space for tents is virtually limitless. Pander to your own requirements for comfort and luxury.

What should I wear?

Anything and everything. Just make sure you take care of yourself and dress for the weather. It can become very cold or very wet at any moment here in Newfoundland.

What should I bring?

tent with good stakes for wind, as well as a rain fly
air mattress/warm blankets/pillows for sleeping (stay warm)
camp stove and reusable containers and dishes (think green)
trash and recycling bags
food/cooler and WATER… drink lots of water!
sunscreen (comes in handy)
personal toiletries - toilet paper, toothbrush and paste, baby wipes, feminine products, soap
extra socks and other clothing in case something gets wet
hat/scarf for sun coverage
warm clothes for the night
a rain jacket is always good to have on hand in Newfoundland
comfy shoes/sandals
positive vibes and an open mind

do not bring ANY glass, pets, or disrespectful attitudes